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The greatest journeys in life sometimes begin at home. Rewind to 2015, Pankaj Alagh was a Finance professional whilst Danny was a qualified chef who had a successful career working at global chains and 5 star hotels in Australia. Being a hardcore fan of popular Fox Life TV show “Eat Street”, Pankaj dreamt of bringing experimental palatable food from around the world to their home, the capital city of Delhi. Danny returned back home with entrepreneurial spirit to contribute his culinary skills for the brand.

The brothers embraced the idea that, together, they could develop a food culture that reflected purity and authentic tastes from around the world– outside of work and home – that would celebrate the world’s rich culinary heritage in new and dynamic ways.

Sandburg shakes was founded in 2015 at Baani Square,Gurugram with an aim to evolve the gourmet scenario in the city. They also knew that the venue would afford them unparalleled opportunities to compliment the work already happening across the area’s professionally and culturally rich communities, and to attract world class talent to a new destination for casual gatherings with friends and family, music, and a lifetime full of memories. Sandburg Shakes expanded to Aerocity, New Delhi in 2017.

The proposal incorporated feedback from literally dozens of community members around Delhi-NCR, and people we are very proud to consider our mentors and peers in cultivating a food culture of excellence that Delhi NCR is known for. The growing popularity of Sandburg Shakes led to the opening of Sandhouse Cafe in 2018 where the entrepreneurial brothers extended the menu from sandwiches and burgers to a variety of grills, pizzas, and other popular cuisines from the world, served with liquor in a beautiful and accommodating setting of an indoor+outdoor cafe.

As 2020 rolled around, people faced the wrath of Covid 19 pandemic. With the lockdown getting imposed nationwide taking a toll on the well being of the masses, we felt the need to bring back the food from the glorious days of everyone’s past- the carefree school and college days. The Canteen Project was thus founded as a delivery kitchen to fuel people with delicious Indian snacks and boxed meals sprinkled with nostalgic memories. And ofcourse Chai, since India runs on Chai!

Today, Sandhouse hospitality Pvt. Ltd. encompassing Sandhouse Cafe, Sandburg Shakes and The Canteen Project are a campus of creativity, as well as a communal gathering place. From our table to yours, we are dedicated to creating a place for the entire community.

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With our love and experience, we are grounding the taste of nourishment and deliciousness. We believe that every spoon has its specialty and we carve it in the dish to conceptualise you with the greatest memory of the mouth-watering dishes.

Our rich-in universal taste of platter ensures to pinch you with nations specialties with every lick of your food.

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Taste what tastes on your tongue. With our cuisine dishes, we offer a wide range of dishes to abstain from your hunger and rejoice in your heart.

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Our only focus is to feed you with good food. With our fresh and premium ingredients, we prepare a plate of health and yumminess.

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Our experienced and professional chefs help you to enjoy the universal taste within a full plate.

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