Food From The Memories, For The Memories.

The canteen project is a delivery kitchen with a bright prospect of opening a cool and comfortable cafe with a commitment to creating a warm and inviting food to revive the nostalgia by recreating the most cherished times spent at our school and college canteens. The canteen project aims to serve scrumptious food. crispy and delicious bread pakodas, steaming momos, Rajma chawal paranthas, that bring glorious memories from canteen days where shared not just food but gossip, laughter, and pranks.

The Canteen Project is a place that combines the best of both worlds, the food and the memories.

CanteenCelebrate With Us!

Recreate a moment of joy along with the same taste! Our every service of the plate caters to rejoice in your old great days in perception to create new ones for tomorrow.

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