We’re hard to forget - our buns are fluffy and shakes,heavenly.

There can’t be any meal quite as satisfying as a juicy burger and fresh, crispy fries- the whole world agrees to it.

In a world of mass produced food, Pankaj and Danny started Sandburg Shakes with a mission of serving delectable gourmet food and environment as vibrant at the flavours- open to all.

The idea of Sandburg Shakes is simple, Handmade burgers and sandwiches cooked to perfection with home baked breads, hand cut patties, house special sauces and delectable milkshakes, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Sandburg Shakes delivers comforting food on all occasions- from gloomy rainy days to buzzing and hectic workdays.

Sandburg Shakesa Special Event with us!

Charm your evening of the day with delicious gourmet food along with mind soothing shakes to unwind your stress.

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