For The Love of Life: Nourishment of Mind and Soul

Bringing alive the very essence of American cafe culture, Sandhouse Cafe is a perfect getaway from everyday life! Located in the Accessible locales around Delhi NCR, this Cafe-pub is the center of social experiences, a place where you can have a hearty chat while enjoying scrumptious food, innovative and whimsical drinks and live performances.

Elevating the capital’s nightlife scene, the aces at Sandhouse Cafe whip up some of the finest continental menu that is a gourmet makeover to the existing trends and focuses on tantalizing bites that are authentic, fresh and just yummy.

Sandhouse CafeCelebrate With Us!

Bring the essence of cafe culture with the flavorful whimsical drinks and fresh seasonal mouth-watering specials to delight your great days.

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